If you arrived at this page, I’m guessing you were looking for a plugin that would display the current year in the WordPress title, meta title, and content. Have you tested quite few shortcode plugins and none of them met your expectations?

Most of those plugins function very well, but for some reason, they do not include a meta title in shortcode processing which is resulting in displaying raw shortcode instead of current year. 

As we both know it is not either good for google indexing or for you website image.

How to Display the Current Year Dynamically with a Shortcode

  1. You can include a shortcode in your title, and it will be reflected on the page and also in the meta title (this what the other plugins are missing)
  2. UNIQUE: Stay ahead of the competition by determining how many days before the new year you want to alter the date – it takes a while for google to update their search result page after you made changes on your page. With this plugin your new date will be indexed before actual date happens. When date happens it will be already few days in google database.
  3. Date format selection
  4. Compatibility with Yoast SEO

Thriveroute Shortcode

Dynamic year shortcode plugin

Shortcode was processed and meta title has been replaced with current year

Other Plugins

Most plugins do not update meta title

Shortcode Settings

Default Settings

Assuming that current date is 31st of December 2022

[thrive_date] = 2022 (current year)

Example usage: Updated ([thrive_date]) – Ultimate List of New Services

Example outcome: Updated (2022) – Ultimate List of New Services

Advanced Settings

Assuming that current date is 31st of December 2022

[thrive_date days_ahead=20 format=”F Y”] = 2023 (it will add 20 days to current date)

Explanation: Setting days days_ahead=20 means that when Google analyzes your page after December 11th, the current year will be already updated to 2023. Why do you want it?
It will take some time for Google search results to be updated after it detects changes on your page. You can use this function to avoid such circumstances and be prepared on time.

Example usage: Updated ([thrive_date days_ahead=20 format=”F Y”] ) – Ultimate List of New Services

Example outcome: Updated (January 2023) – Ultimate List of New Services

Examples of date formatting

Assuming that current date is 31st of December 2022

[thrive_date format=”F Y”] = December 2022

[thrive_date format=”d-M-Y”] = 31-Dec-2022

[thrive_date format=”Y/M/d”] = 2022/Dec/31

More opions of data formatting

Simply add the [thrive_date] shortcode to your post page or post title and the current year will always be auto-updated.

Our shortcode partly relies on the add_shortcode function and also works when placed in WordPress widgets. You can put [thrive_date] in the footer widget, and it will show the current date or year, depending on what format you use.

WordPress does offer some of the shortcodes by default (for example, the gallery one), and plugins can add their own as well via the Shortcode API. However, WordPress itself does not include shortcodes to display dates. 

Yes, WordPress current year shortcode can be used to display date in the footer area.

Dynamic Year and Date Shortcode in Meta Title

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