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10x Your Inbound Opportunities with Digital Business Cards

Start Networking Effectively & Gather Positive Attention Wherever You Go

Share your details and leave your mark. We’re making virtual business cards accessible, affordable, and easier to share than ever – wherever you go, whoever you meet.

Incredible Pre-Built Templates

Available straight from the plugin library, you can adjust or design your own.

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VirtuGo Online Business Cards
For WordPress

For Remarkable First Impressions and Beyond

VirtuGo is an advanced, innovative self-promotion tool that puts the power of networking back in your hands. 

Perfect for modern entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, and proud business owners that want to add authority and memorability to their name. 

Impactful, Convenient, Limitless

Don’t stress about printing, carrying, and running out of physical business cards anymore. Impress at any event with interactive digital business cards that can be shared as much as you like. 

Accessible Online & Offline

Share QR codes that link to your virtual business card, allowing users to browse its content and effortlessly save your details in their phonebook, online or offline. Users can now access your details anytime, anywhere, from the one thing that’s never far from reach - their smartphone. 

Never Lost or Forgotten

VirtuGo is a fresh take on the old-school business card. Beautiful, functional, and in line with current times. And because your contact details are saved directly to users’ phones, you can ensure they’ll never be lost or forgotten. 

Stand Out in The Crowd

Don't waste your time with unnoteworthy, boring business cards. Streamline the way you connect and stand out with online business cards that showcase what makes you special!

Go Contactless with NFC

You can also save your business card URL on any NFC tag and tap to connect with others.  Safeguard your health with contactless sharing in a world that’s met with new threats.

Strengthen Your Brand in Minutes

Confused by design? Create exciting, dynamic, memorable cards in minutes with templates and designs that color-match your brand logo. 

Green & Clean

Protect the trees by choosing a planet-friendly, paperless way to connect and play your part in the conservation of our home.

Full Flexibility & Control

Forget expensive 3rd party services. Virtual business cards are hosted on your own WP domain and link effortlessly to drive traffic to your site. This also keeps your brand identity consistent with full control at no extra cost.

The Ultimate Event Tool

Put Your Best Self Forward When Opportunity Knocks


You never know who you might meet, but you should always walk away from meetings, conferences, or events knowing you’ve made an impact. 

Don’t get caught off guard when you get asked for your business card unexpectedly.

With our virtual business cards, you can present everything about your business without saying a single word! Use our built-in photo and video galleries to tell a story about your success! 

We’re here to bring new life to your events with a tool that helps you reach more people, create a statement, and increase inbound opportunities in your field

Offline and Online Business Card Sharing

Save Your Digital Business Card URL To Any NFC Device

Meet The Team Behind New Digital Business Cards

“We Created VirtuGo to Help You Shine Bright Among Your Competitors”

A Powerful WordPress Plugin

VirtuGo was created by a team of code-flinging, business-minded developers, and designers who wanted to make it easier for people to connect. The result? A powerful plugin that helps you create virtual business cards in a matter of clicks so you can focus on growing your network and get a leg up over competitors.

Your Business Deserves The Best

Because your business deserves the best in functionality and flexibility, we decided to leverage QR codes – the same technology used by Google - to make sure your contact information is always available to users online and offline.

The first-of-its-kind Plugin for WordPress

VirtuGo is also the first-of-its-kind for creating striking virtual business cards without any design skills or expensive software! We’ve poured endless research, time and heart into creating a product that’s easy to use and will add value to your business – something we’re infinitely proud of.

Community, Credibility, and Conversions

Ultimately, we believe in creating community, credibility, and conversions by empowering you with a tool that brings you closer to your goals. 

Watch The Demo - WordPress Backend

Ready to Go Digital?

Virtual Business Cards For Future-Ready Brands

Enjoy unlimited profiles for your business

Create a lasting impression

Build authority in your industry

Update information as often as needed through the app

Accessible on any modern smartphone (no apps needed)

Build a stronger network while conserving the earth

The world’s first WordPress plugin for virtual business cards

More than just a business card, VirtuGo is a clever sales, marketing, and networking tool rolled into one for building connections that bear real-world fruits. 

We’ve slashed our annual pricing down by 65% for a limited run. Before it ends, ask yourself: 

What does networking meant to you and your business. Are you ready to be remembered?

VirtuGO Lifetime

Save Money and Create Digital Business Cards for Your Entire Company in ONE Flat Price - Lifetime!
$ 89 Lifetime
  • Lifietime Unlimited Business Cards
  • Installed on a One Domain / Company
  • 11 Beautiful Presets Included
  • Personalized card link
  • NFC Ready
  • Unlimited card scans
  • Custom Card Designs
  • Free Support
  • Embedded Videos
  • Reselling is not allowed

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